When MySQL Bites: Quirks to Watch Out For

When MySQL Bites: Quirks to Watch Out For

Par Smylers de northwestengland.pm
Date : samedi 3 octobre 2009 14h00
Durée : 40 minutes
Langue : English
Tags : databases mysql rant sql tips

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MySQL is a very popular DBMS. Or rather, it's very widely used, which is not necessarily the same thing. It has quite a few quirks, behaviour that many people wouldn't expect and which if you aren't aware of can be the cause of much frustration, pain, and data loss.

In the hope that more people being aware of these infelicities will reduce the damage they can do, a collection of them is presented here, along with tips and techniques for dealing with them.

There's also an examination of why so often the MySQL feature is tantalizingly only available in one version higher than the one you're running.

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