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Enterprise Mobile app in minutes, not days

Enterprise Mobile app in minutes, not days

Par Sébastien Blanc
Date : samedi 5 octobre 2013 17h00
Durée : 40 minutes
Langue : English
Tags : jeeweb mobile rad

You want to develop a mobile web app. You app needs to connect to a secured JaveEE backend. You don't know where to start? This session is tailored for you: live coding will show you where to start from scaffolding a web application with modern HTML5 Front End to making sure your connection to JavaEE backend is secured.

We will do live demo coding with a broad variety of Open Source projects: AngularJS, bootstap, AeroGear libraries, Forge for the tooling part.

This is an interactive session where the audience can participate with their laptops, get their hands dirty and learn a bunch of silver bullets such as turning the Web Application into a Native (hybrid) one or easily adding a two-factor authenfication mechanism.

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