GitHub Drinkup saturday evening

08/10/10 12:16 by Jean-François Trân (‎underflow_‎)

With the venue of Tom Preston-Werner who will do a talk about Git at, GitHub will organise a GitHub Drinkup in Paris after tomorrow's conference sessions, from 6pm to 8pm, at La Chope de Corentin:

13 Avenue Corentin Cariou

75019 Paris

subway station : Corentin Cariou

(at 5 minutes' walk from la Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie). Free entrance and GitHub is offering the beer!

You may also want to subscribe to the Conference dinner just after that party.

Friday evening diner

07/10/10 00:54 by Laurent Boivin (‎Elbeho‎)

If you're in town on Friday evening, please join us at the restaurant "Chez Papa", rue Montmartre.

Information and registration on the wiki.

And of course restaurant on Satursday.

Thanks to our sponsors

05/10/10 19:09 by Jean-François Trân (‎underflow_‎) organization team would like to thanks heartily our partners: Linux Magazine France, Universcience, our sponsors: Weborama, Cincom, and Linkfluence, and our mecene Olivier Gutknecht, without whom the conference will not be possible!

O'Reilly booth at 2010

05/10/10 18:44 by Jean-François Trân (‎underflow_‎)

O'Reilly Edition are again our partner this year and like the previous year, they will be a little O'Reilly bookshop at the conference, where you can benefit from a 35% discount on book prices! Don't miss it!

Conference dinner on saturday evening

04/10/10 22:27 by Jean-François Trân (‎underflow_‎)

Don't forget there is an informal conference dinner saturday evening. It will be held at the restaurant le Dampierre, not very far from the conference place. Please reserve your seat at the table here. All the details are on this web page. T-shirts are there!

04/10/10 22:19 by Jean-François Trân (‎underflow_‎)

We just received the 2010. They will be sold at the conference just for 10 EUROS. Don't miss them !

Light modification of the schedule

04/10/10 14:49 by Jean-François Trân (‎underflow_‎)

There's a modification about the schedule relative to Wrangling Git: Advanced Tips and Tricks talk on saturday. Scott Chacon will not be able to come and Tom Preston-Werner (@mojombo, cofounder of GitHub, author of Jekyll, Tomdoc, God...) will replace him (the topic remains the same). 2010 - October 9 & 10 - Cité des Sciences - Paris

12/08/10 20:48 by Laurent Boivin (‎Elbeho‎)

Here we go again!

The 2nd (French Open Source Developer Conference) will be held on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of October, at La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, in Paris, France.

Anything to say on dynamic languages or anything around them? Submit one or more talks.

Interested in the subject? Register for this event and save the dates in your calendar!

Free entrance.

(Although registration is not mandatory, it'll help us to improve the quality of the conference).