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Date : vendredi 12 octobre 2012 12h00
Durée : 45 minutes

It is widely agreed that there will be devices in the range of billions communicating with each other by the end of this decade. From the alarm system in your house, to your power-meter being part of a smart grid, to the ATM around the corner, every object of your life will soon be connected to the Internet of Things, if not already.

This connected world is at the crossroads of various ecosystems that the Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group aims at bridging.

On one hand are the IT and telco industries, that already are connecting devices together by means of usually closed software platforms and communication protocols. These industries have an incredible experience at designing solutions tailored to their vertical businesses, but today's challenge is to break down the silos preventing the emergence of the true Internet of Things: every object should virtually be accessible from anywhere.

On the other hand, there are many providers of great end-user services that are waiting for platforms allowing them to create their own applications using these services, that they can distribute on their own markets and via social networks.

Lastly, the Open Hardware and hobbyists movements are a place where a lot of innovation happens: bleeding edge technologies, passionate developers that can, and will, make Internet of Things not only successful, but also fun.

If you want to learn what is cooking at Eclipse in terms of tools and frameworks for M2M development, how we get the aforementioned communities actively involved, and the business models that this Open M2M stack is enabling, then this talk is for you!

Bio: Benjamin is Open Source Manager at Sierra Wireless. He leads Sierra Wireless' effort in the Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group, as well as the Koneki and Mihini projects. He is a long-time OSS contributor, especially in the Eclipse ecosystem (Eclipse, PDE, EMF, ECF, …) where he is committer on e4 and PDE.